Tactile art and deafblindness

Our Yarn Bombing Project 2021

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Belit Onay

The Yarn Bombing Projekt

The Deutsches Taubblindenwerk supports DBI's Yarn Bombing initiative to raise awareness about deafblindness. People with dual sensory disabilities, their families and their advocates knit, crochet and weave to decorate one or more objects in public space. Yarn Bombing is a form of street art that originated probably in Texas, USA.

DBI's global Yarn Bombing Campaign 2021 is a special initiative to engage members of the deafblind community in a large-scale tactile art project. We are putting the skills, creativity, participation and involvement of deafblind people in the spotlight.

During three action days at the end of June 2021 (22. - 24.06.2021), the pillars of the Hanover Opera House will be covered in wool. The Hannover State Opera (Staatsoper Hannover) is the official project partner.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Belit Onay, Lord Mayor of the City of Hanover, who has taken on the patronage of the project. We are pleased that Mr. Onay will come to our Yarn Bombing event on 23 June 2021 for a welcoming speech.

With this initiative we would like to:

  • use tactile art as a common language to bridge isolation and start an open dialogue.
  • bring the world to people, make it approachable, open possibilities, reveal unfamiliar paths. and thus make it known to deafblind people.
  • make the world tangible; big or small, firm or soft, rough or smooth... or anything in between.
  • make the world visible; blurry or clear, whole or partially, grey or colourful, flashy or plain, light or dark... or anything in between.
  • make the world audible; loud or soft, distorted or clear, muffled or roaring... or anything in between.
  • increase awareness and knowledge of deafblindness as a unique disability of its own kind, both unique and diverse.
  • expand the understanding of the needs of deafblind people and enable their participation in society through support services and systems.

What can you do to help?

Come to our Yarn Bombing event

Join us on 22-24 June 2021 between 10am and 4pm at the Hanover State Opera, Opernplatz 1.

Learn more about deafblindness and see the tactile artwork on the columns of the State Opera House.

Just send your knitted square to us

by mail or bring it to us:
Deutsches Taubblindenwerk gemeinnützige GmbH
Albert-Schweitzer-Hof 27
30559 Hannover

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Julia Mischke
Public Relations

Vikram Choudhary
Project Manager

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